Regular Design Services

V Residence

The goal of the project was to create a living space for a family of four, with a provision for a smaller separate rentable townhouse unit.

The client wanted the house to be bright and breathable, opposite to the structure's existing conditions caused by two previous occasions of extending the house to the property boundaries. The challenge was to provide as much ventilation as possible without compromising security and privacy.

White is used as a dominating colour in the wall surfaces, as well as roofing material, to reflect sunlight and reduce heat gain, while composite mahogany wood and black steel were used for exterior elements to provide tactile and visual contrast.

Specialized Architectural Services

L Residences

The client needed a design for a built-in multi-purpose storage cabinet. The existing room is the client's master bedroom, and in the house, it is also the place where they keep most of their possessions such as bags, clothes, books, and work implements. The client is not able to organize properly their belongings in the room because of the lack of storage features in the room compared to the volume of items.

My solution is to create a full-height storage cabinet with varying sizes and types of storage options to provide variety in what kind of items to store. A simple white duco paint finish will give the cabinet a bright and elegant look while a purple cabinet back breaks the monotony, and complements the personality of the client.