Uplift Lives Through Design

People's lives and habits are formed by their environment, and a well-designed environment is that which achieves what it is intended to do, even beyond what is perceptible by the eye. Good architectural design does not merely result in a space splendid to look at, but is essentially capable of uplifting the quality of life of those who interacts with it.

VMILOS aims to provide its clients with high-quality architectural designs and professional services, not only tailor-fit to match each client's specific needs, but also with a goal to create opportunities for pleasant experiences and meaningful interactions.

VMILOS - what's in a name?

VMILOS is an acronym for my name - Milo S. Villamayor. Milo is short for my full first name - Michaelangelo.

Ever since I was young, I was very fond of looking around my environment, appreciating spaces as they are, and sometimes wondering how they can be improved. I also picked up the hobby of drawing and sketching, inspired by watching my favorite television shows growing up.

Then, I have not yet realized that I wanted to take up architecture as my profession until we were asked to choose an elective at school. I was schooled from Lourdes School of Mandaluyong, where I graduated, on April 2011, with honors, and a subject achievement award for an elective class in drafting.

University life was exponentially more difficult, needing to juggle all of my classes, majors, extra-curricular activities, and even my personal life. On my final year, I took on a thesis topic that reflected my ideal to improve people's quality of life, by designing a healthcare center which catered to the needs of locals in Batad, Ifugao. On June 2016, I graduated with a degree of BS Architecture from the University of the Philippines, College of Architecture - Diliman Campus.

I've worked for a small architectural firm in Mandaluyong, and was mentored by our amazing principal architect, from which most of my design influences, experience, and knowledge about the design and construction industry has developed. Working in a small firm has exposed me greatly to all aspects of the processes involved in the profession, as well as trained me in communicating with a diverse set of clients.

In March 2018, I passed the Architecture Licensure Exam and finally became a Registered and Licensed Architect. Later that year, I decided to put all of my preparation and experience to the test, by going on my own as a freelance architect.

I created VMILOS as a stage to reach out to a larger network, where I can work on a professional practice where I can apply my own design philosophies, principles, and aesthetics, as well as develop my knowledge and skills further into the industry.


Meet the Team

Currently, VMILOS is a one-man team, as I would like to take full control of all engagements and processes of my practice for the time being. However, new members may arrive as needed in due time.


Milo Villamayor


Geeky Architect. Enjoys quality time with friends. Likes tinkering with complicated stuff. Takes each moment as a chance to learn.

Next Steps...

Knowing the team you will be working with is a great way to set expectations and build confidence in their competence. The next step is to schedule a meeting to discuss your project requirements.