Regular Design Services

Planning to build a structure to house your family or your business? Get the professional services of VMILOS to formulate a design based on your specific needs.

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Specialized Architectural Services

Architectural Interiors, Acoustic Design, Lighting Layout and Design, Site Development Planning, and more. Specialized needs call for VMILOS' specialized services

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Architectural Visualization Services

Hire VMILOS to create photo-realistic renders for your projects!

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Architecture by a Young Professional

VMILOS is a platform for Milo Villamayor, a Filipino Registered and Licensed Architect, in providing various architectural services to fit all types of client needs. His professional practice specializes in residential design, creating simple but elegant and modern home aesthetics, combined with proper functionality and climate-responsive features. He is also experienced in designing architectural interiors focused on maximizing small spaces with the use of smart and intuitive storage solutions.

Milo Villamayor gained experience in the industry for 2 years working with a design-build architectural firm in Mandaluyong with projects both inside and outside Metro Manila. Projects he has handled include designing up to 3-storey residences, function halls, corporate offices, mall retail spaces, a school renovation, small condominium units, themed restaurants, and a garden resort.

Above providing quality professional services, Milo emphasizes that a design or construction project should be a memorable and fulfilling experience for any client. The benefits of a well-designed structure or environment affect the client, not just after the said structure is finished being built, but as long as the client is using it. Thus, it is also true that the client is a major shareholder in the design process, giving them the right to have the final say on every decision, provided with the architect’s professional advice.

The architect is the essential professional to deal with in projects of design and construction. Whether it’s the client’s first time undertaking a project or not, the architect shall provide guidance through his professional services, and make sure the client achieves their goal.


Next Steps...

The best way to start your project is to talk to the architect directly. The first step of the design process is the Project Definition phase, best done in a face-to-face meeting.